2 Ways to Create a Modern, Holiday Aesthetic Throughout Your Home

2 Ways to Create a Modern, Holiday Aesthetic Throughout Your Home

Maybe this holiday season, you would prefer to skip the vibrant reds and greens, candy canes, and traditional holiday decor. If you’re looking to give your holiday decor a modern twist, here are a few tips:  


Natural Decor 

The holidays are filled with natural elements, from pine trees, to mistletoe and more! This season, leverage natural materials to create beautiful decor that pairs perfectly with your modern design aesthetic.

  • Create centerpieces using pine cones, branches, and other natural elements. Natural centerpieces are simple, yet elegant and can bring your dining table, coffee table, or kitchen counter to life.
  • Add natural, or nature-inspired, garland to mantles and railings. Whether it’s pine, vine, or garland woven using sticks, branches, leaves, etc, natural garlands are a great way to bring festive, holiday vibes to your home. Set them across your fireplace mantle with lights or other festive figurines, or wrap them around the staircase railing with bows or ribbons. 
  • Opt for decorative pieces, like figurines, nativity scenes, etc., that are made from wood or other natural materials. 


Neutral Colors 

Complement your natural holiday decor with neutral colors! Let your festive decor (colorful lights, elegant tree, shimmering garland, etc.) stand out by pairing them with neutral colored decor.

  • Add neutral colored linen pillows to couches, benches and accent chairs. Easily pair them with other holiday-themed throw pillows, or festive throw blankets. 
  • Use neutral colored ribbons and ornaments to decorate your holiday tree.  
  • Pair beautiful centerpieces with neutral colored table cloths, table runners, napkins, and other kitchenware.
  • Consider wrapping gifts in neutral colored wrapping. Many eco-friendly options such as fabric, canvas, or reusable bags come in stylish neutral colors. 


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