About - Aure Lines + Spaces

Welcome to Auré Lines + Spaces where home goods with character are made! The Auré mission is to provide lifestyle products customers can be passionate about, feel emotionally connected to and are inspired by. The brand offers a well-curated, mix of home décor that emotionally connects customers to their spaces, affording them the opportunity to express their individual values.

Auré Lines + Spaces began in 2012 as a creative exploration for owner Susan Turner. Her passion to own a sustainable and ethical business while caring for the needs of her family, which includes two young girls, 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 fish and 5 lizards, motivated her to start the brand. During one holiday season she decided to make unique handmade gifts for her family. As a pet enthusiast and animal lover, she decided to make pillows with the family’s pets printed on them. This simple idea exploded into a successful and desirable product for other pet owners. The custom pet pillow phenomenon has motivated Susan to create other home décor collections that bring happiness and comfort to her customers.

Working with a team of creatives, Susan designs products inspired by organic, playful lines and themes found in nature. Through her collections, she aims to capture the beauty and essence of the desert that surrounds the Auré studio in Peoria, Arizona. Auré products are practical, beautiful, eco-friendly goods that are meant for everyday use!

Auré products have been featured on Buzzfeed, America’s Funniest Home Videos and in Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine. AURE designers are currently working on new lines and collections for future releases! All products are designed, printed, and produced in the AURE studio in Peoria, Arizona.