3 Reasons to Start Thinking About Your 2022 Aure Wholesale Orders

3 Reasons to Start Thinking About Your 2022 Aure Wholesale Orders


Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Now is the time to start thinking about your 2022 business goals. What are your financial goals? What type of growth would you like to see in your business in 2022? Once you’ve established your goals for the new year, you’ll want to create a strategy and determine the best course of action to take. 

Begin by thinking about the products you'd like to offer in your retail store. If you’re catering to a style-conscious, minimalist customer base, consider stocking your retail store with Aure home decor and lifestyle products. At Aure, you’ll find a well-curated collection of desert-inspired products that bring the beauty and essence of the Arizona landscape to everyday life.  

Next, it’s important to place your wholesale orders. By placing wholesale orders early, you’ll have a more vast selection of products to choose from, the ability to order larger quantities of goods, without risking low inventory, and you’ll ensure products are delivered and stocked just in time for the new year.

While others may get lost in the hustle and bustle of the current holiday season, make sure to stay ahead by placing your Aure wholesale orders today. 


Avoid Low Inventory  

Want to include a specific product in your retail store? Hoping to stock your boutique with a collection of our beautiful, desert-inspired products? Thinking about a custom design you’d like to include in your shop for 2022? Don't wait until the last minute to start placing your Aure wholesale orders for 2022. To avoid the risk of low inventory on products you love, it’s important to place your Aure wholesale orders as soon as possible. 

Thinking about a custom order? Please be aware that Aure custom orders will be completed based on design and quantity. To learn more about our custom services and stocking your retail store with a custom product or collection for 2022, you can contact Aure for more details. 


Enjoy The Holiday Season 

Don’t spend the holiday season stressing about products, orders, shipping delays, low inventory, or missing out on items you’d hoped to purchase for 2022. Start placing your wholesale orders early, so you can avoid the post-holiday rush and new year frenzy. Get started with your Aure wholesale orders today, so you can relax and enjoy the holiday season. 

Looking for a beautiful, well-curated collection of modern, desert-inspired home decor and lifestyle products to include in your retail store in 2022? Visit our website to learn more about our wholesaler program. 






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