3 Tips for Creating a Warm, Cozy Ambience Throughout Your Home



Fall is a great time for all things cozy and comfortable - from your favorite chunky sweater, to that insanely, soft blanket that you’ve been eagerly waiting to curl up in. This season, create a warm, cozy ambience throughout your home, with these simple home decor tips.



Fall is all about enjoying the warm, cozy delights - from thick, colorful flannels, to knit blankets, and of course, your classic, pumpkin spice latte! This fall, bring the cozy vibes to your home with textures that invoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort. Try incorporating a variety of textures into your home decor, by adding fabricated pieces, such as blankets, throw pillows, and tablecloths. Opt for fabrics, such as soft flannels, thick plaids, luxurious velvets, and cheerful knits. 



  • Swap thin, wispy curtains, for thicker fabrics that will retain more heat during the cooler months
  • Change out your summer throw pillows. Opt for linen, or velvet throw pillows in a variety of patterns and bold colors. 
  • Drape knit, or handmade blankets over accent chairs, or couches.  



Get inspired by the seasonal color change! Add accent pieces (throw pillows, blankets, table cloths, decorative centerpieces, etc.) in a variety of fall-inspired colors, such as candy apple red, pumpkin orange, soft blush, and honeysuckle yellow. If you’re working with neutral furniture, you can easily add 1, or a variety of colors to complement your decor.



  • Subtle - Try adding a tan tablecloth and a natural centerpiece made from pine cones, branches, and stones. Complement the earth tones with decorative pieces in blush, brown, or clay.
  • Bold - Working with white, or light-colored furnishings? Incorporate bold colors, such as orange, red, or navy, that will pop against the lighter decor. Opt for bold patterns, plaids, or geometric designs to add an additional element of bold, cozy style.  
  • Fall all the way - Looking for classic, cozy fall? Grab the reds, oranges, golds, and yellows. Try mixing in a variety of different shades and simple patterns.



Whether it's lighting an apple scented candle, baking a loaf of delicious pumpkin bread, or opening the windows to let in the crisp scent of fall, fragrances are a great way to create a cozy ambience throughout your home. Opt for rich fragrances that align with seasonal themes.



  • Apples - From the apple orchard, to that sweet, tangy taste of apple-cider, apple-scented candles are a great way to bring comfort and nostalgia to your home.
  • Cinnamon - Looking for something rich and decadent? The smell of cinnamon can help create a sense of warmth and comfort.
  • Pumpkin - It’s the star of fall! Pumpkin-scented candles are great for creating a warm, festive ambience.





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