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3 Ways to Use Aure Products to Create a Southwestern Aesthetic

3 Ways to Use Aure Products to Create a Southwestern Aesthetic


Looking to create a southwestern vibe throughout your home? Want to bring the natural beauty of the desert landscape into your favorite spaces? With our collection of modern home decor and lifestyle products, you can bring the beauty and essence of the desert to every room. Here are 3 ways to use Aure products to create a southwestern aesthetic throughout your home:


Custom Pet Pillows 

Our custom pet pillows are an excellent option for capturing the natural beauty and essence of the southwest. Made using high quality, textured materials, like velvet and minky, our custom pet pillows are designed to reflect a variety of desert animals, including quail, donkey, and desert birds. They make beautiful accent pieces and can easily be paired with a variety of colors and modern furnishing, to add life and character to any space. 


Looking for a unique way to celebrate your favorite furry friend? Our custom pet pillow services allow you to create a unique pillow that reflects your special pet - from height, to fabric, etc. 

  • Give your kiddos a pillow that reminds them of their favorite furry friend
  • Commemorate your childhood pet
  • Celebrate the unique character of your pup, kitten, bird, or any other kind of pet   


Sonoran Sunset Linen Pillows 

Bring the brilliance of a desert sunset to your home with our Sonoran Sunset Linen Pillows. Choose from a variety of colors, including red, yellow, clay, and orange to create a warm atmosphere in any room. Pair them with additional accent pillows, or keep things simple with one, or multiple of our solid colors. Our Sonoran Sunset Linen Pillows are an excellent way to complement your modern decor and add a burst of color to any space. 


Nature Themed Pillows

Weave the essence of the desert landscape into your home decor with our nature themed pillows. Choose from a variety of designs, including agave bloom, succulent, cactus, and more. Each of our nature-inspired throw pillows are designed to reflect the natural beauty and intricate details of desert wildlife. 


Want to curate your own, unique collection of our desert-inspired throw pillows? Head over to store to checkout ALL of our beautiful, modern throw pillows and southwestern-inspired home decor!



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