4 Benefits of Buying Wholesale with Aure Lines + Spaces

4 Reason to Shop Aure for Your Wholesale Needs:


If your retail store, boutique, or online shop caters to a style-conscious clientele, it’s important to consider purchasing products that provide a modern, minimalist aesthetic, from a local wholesaler. Buying from a local wholesaler, such as Aure, can benefit your business in a number of ways. Let’s discuss 4 specific reasons to shop Aure for your wholesale needs.


Curated Collections

If your business caters to a specific aesthetic, like southwestern, bohemian, or modern design, it’s important to source your products from a wholesaler who offers a similar style. At Aure, our products are designed to effortlessly blend modern design, nature themes, and desert-inspired styles. We provide well-curated collections of home decor and lifestyle products that capture the beauty and essence of the desert, and help emotionally connect individuals to their unique spaces. 


Save on Shipping Costs

Wholesale programs can provide opportunities for your business to save on shipping costs. Buying wholesale on the Aure website can result in lower shipping costs and allow you to increase business savings. Our wholesale program also makes it easy to adequately stock your shop and reduce the number of orders needed to satisfy your customer demand. The less time you spend placing orders, means the more time you have to devote to your business. And we all know that in business, time equals money. 


Faster Turnaround Times

Buying from a local wholesaler can result in faster turnaround times. At Aure, wholesale orders can be completed within 8-10 working days. Because we are a local, US business (located in Arizona) and we work with local designers, wholesale orders can easily be completed and shipped throughout the US, without the hassle of international supply-chain delays, or international shipping interruptions. 

***Please note that processing times may increase during the holiday seasons. 


Custom Services & Products

Looking for customization? At Aure, we work with a full-service textile design, print, sewing, small batch manufacturer to provide custom products that meet your specific, stylistic needs. Our custom services make it possible to create new and unique pieces, designed specifically for your retail shop.


Interested in learning about our wholesaler program? Contact us, today! Order from our website using this link to start your wholesale account with us today!


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